Norm, 63, is a married father, who lives here in Clermont FL with his wife, Marsha, and his son Sean. Norm has been a lifelong fan of Porsche, with their air-cooled rear-mounted flat engines combined with a terrific transaxle, they are great driving cars with a champion racing pedigree. With 19 wins at the famed 24 hours of Le Mans, Porsche has the title of most manufacturer’s wins in the history of the race.

Norm’s specific 911 is powered by a 150 HP Flat 6 air-cooled engine, made of cast magnesium. This makes for great strength with an incredibly lightweight design. A daily driver, Norm prefers to opt for the more mechanical approach, instead of trying to keep it perfect. While it shows the wear of its age in places, it is obvious that the owner takes great care to keep it in great mechanical condition.

Car Of the Month – October 2023

1974 Porsche 911 Targa by Norman Klimek

Having purchased his dream car in 2021, I asked Norm if he would ever consider selling such a great piece of Porsche’s automotive history. To my surprise, he informed me that he just sold the car! I was a little shocked at the news, and a little sad I wouldn’t be able to see it as often. But don’t worry anyone. Norm isn’t going anywhere! His rally-ready track 914 Porsche will be making her debut soon!


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